10 Benefits of Paint Protection Film for Your Vehicle

Paint protection films (PPF), also called clear bras, are transparent layers made from urethane. The film is typically applied to the surfaces of vehicles to protect the paint from debris. Clear bras have a top layer made from polyurethane or urethane to heal from minor scratches in daily driving situations. The bottom layer has an […]

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5 Things To Look For In A Quality Window Tinting Installation

Choosing to have your car’s windows tinted may seem like a simple decision; however, if you are unfamiliar with window tinting, you may not know what to look for in a quality window tinting company, and you may have no idea whether you have fallen prey to a substandard tinting job. While getting your car’s […]

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13 Tips You Need to Know to Protect Your Car From The Sun

Your car, no matter which make or model, or age, is susceptible to wear and tear. Your car can wear out faster from the effects of the environmental elements than from old age. That’s why taking good care of it and shielding it from harmful elements like the sun’s rays is crucial. It has been […]

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