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Elite Protective Films, an authorized XPEL dealer in the PNW area, is dedicated to providing unparalleled paint protection solutions. With XPEL Paint Protection Film, our team safeguards our customers' vehicles from daily wear and tear while maintaining their aesthetic and financial value. Contact us at Elite Protective Films today to experience the exceptional benefits of XPEL Paint Protection Film and elevate your vehicle's protection. For maximum vehicle protection, we recommend bumper-to-bumper entire-vehicle coverage.

Frontline Defense Package:

Step up your car's defense with this package. It provides comprehensive protection to your vehicle's front end, including the full bumper, entire hood, headlamps, and side mirrors.

Enthusiast Protection Package:

Designed for the auto enthusiast, this package shields your car's full bumper, full front fenders, full hood, headlamps, side mirrors, rocker panels, leading roof edge, and A-pillars, keeping your vehicle pristine even in high-speed or off-road conditions.

Total Guardian Package:

For the ultimate in vehicle protection, this package covers your entire vehicle. Also available in XPEL STEALTH, a satin finish PPF.

What is Paint Protection Film?

Paint protection film, commonly known as "clear bra," is a polyurethane with a self-healing elastomeric top coat. This protective film is meticulously hand-applied using pre-cut patterns. Thanks to its remarkable self-healing technology, it serves as a reliable solution for preserving the beauty of your vehicle. With this advanced feature, the film effectively eliminates fine scratches, swirl marks, and other signs of aging that can impact even the most resilient automotive paint, ensuring that your vehicle maintains its pristine appearance over time.

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Benefits of XPEL Paint Protection Film


XPEL Paint Protection Film offers a clear polymer layer that acts as a shield, providing exceptional protection against the daily wear and tear your vehicle faces.


The virtually invisible film keeps your car looking great by preventing scratches, swirl marks, and other signs of aging, preserving its pristine appearance.


By safeguarding your vehicle's exterior, paint protection film helps maintain its resale value, protecting your investment in the long run.


PPF can be applied to various areas of your vehicle depending on what type of vehicle it is and what you use it for.


Our highly trained technicians ensure precise and professional installation, eliminating concerns of chipping, rippling, or wrinkling, which may arise with subpar installation.


With access to XPEL's Design Access Program (DAP), we can provide accurate and efficient film application, resulting in seamless coverage and minimal maintenance.


Paint protection film can be removed by a professional should you ever want to remove the film for any reason or update the film after the warranty ends.


XPEL paint protection film is designed to be durable and long-lasting, providing extended protection and peace of mind for years to come.


If you are looking for the right paint protection film for your vehicle, then one of our specially tailored PPF packages is the perfect solution for you. With maximum protection in mind, Elite Protective Films will help keep your car looking great for years to come.

What is the Design Access Program (DAP)?

We understand that the quality of installation plays a crucial role in the performance and durability of paint protection film. That's why Elite Protective Films employs highly trained technicians who are experts in their craft. In addition, we utilize the Design Access Program (DAP) from XPEL, an advanced pattern repository comprising 80,000 real-time paint, headlight, and window tint patterns across all major vehicle brands. Only Elite Protective Films and fellow XPEL Certified Installers have access to this cutting-edge technology, ensuring the most precise and efficient application of the film. With our expert knowledge and resources, you can expect seamless coverage and minimal maintenance for your paint protection film, providing you with long-lasting protection.

Elite Protective Films: Delivering Excellence in PPF for Unbeatable Protection

At Elite Protective Films, we are dedicated to providing exceptional service and exceeding your expectations. Trust us to deliver the finest paint protection film solutions available. Contact us now to learn more or to schedule your application. Let us help you protect your investment and keep your vehicle looking its best.
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