5 Things To Look For In A Quality Window Tinting Installation

Choosing to have your car’s windows tinted may seem like a simple decision; however, if you are unfamiliar with window tinting, you may not know what to look for in a quality window tinting company, and you may have no idea whether you have fallen prey to a substandard tinting job. While getting your car’s windows tinted is a smart decision that can keep your car’s interior cool during the summer and protect both your passengers and your car’s upholstery from the sun’s harmful UV rays, poor installation can ruin the look and performance of your new tinting. In fact, substandard tinting jobs are more likely to bubble and peel prematurely.


It is then critical that drivers considering getting their car’s windows tinted know the signs of a quality auto tinting installation so that they can properly inspect their vehicles after they have had their windows tinted. This will allow you to alert the installer to any problems so that you can have them fix your tinting before it is too late. Fortunately, when you know what to look for, it is easy to spot a bad window tinting job from a mile away. Here are just a few of the signs you can look out for indicating a quality window tinting installation.

Look for Clean Edges

One of the first things you should look for when inspecting your car’s tint job is clean edges, as this is something that will be obvious even to an untrained eye. A quality window tint installation should leave no gaps between the window film and the line of cut of the tinting film. A good tinting job should fit perfectly and cover the entire window evenly. If there are large gaps between the window film and the tint, and/or the lines of cut are uneven, this is a clear sign of poor workmanship during installation. The line of cut should be smooth and should snugly fit the window. Poor edging is a clear sign of poor workmanship, and you should request that the problem be addressed if you notice issues with the tinting’s edges.

No Bubbles Should Be Present  

Another clear indicator of poor workmanship is if bubbles appear in your tinting soon after installation. More often than not, bubbling is the result of a poor/lazy installation job, as it often indicates that the window’s surface was not properly prepped before the tinting was installed. Before they install the tinting, an experienced technician must clean your windows to remove all dirt and wipe the surface dry. If this is not done properly and there is still dirt on your windows, or the windows were still wet when the tinting was installed, the tinting film won’t adhere properly to the window, which can result in bubbling and premature peeling. Of course, bubbling can also indicate that low-quality materials were used. Particularly if cheap adhesive was used, air may be able to get between the window and the tinting film, resulting in bubbling. Either way, if your tinting starts bubbling quickly, you should bring this up with the installer as this indicates a low-quality installation.

No Signs of Purpling

Another sign that an auto tinting shop used cheap materials is if your tinted windows start to take on a purplish hue. The fact is that quality tinting should be clear to look through and should not take on a purplish color when exposed to UV light. Not only is purpling an unsightly effect that can take away from the look of an otherwise pristine car, but it is also an indicator that poor-quality tinting films were used. This is why it is important that you find out what materials an installer uses before agreeing to the installation. A reputable auto tinting shop will use a high-quality film such as those manufactured by XPEL, which will ensure that you do not encounter purpling.

No Need for Cutouts

A quality tinting installation also will not require cutouts to leave room for things such as government-required stickers. Instead of using a cutout in the tinting film to leave room for these stickers, reputable tinting shops apply a clear film to the area needed for such stickers rather than make unsightly cutouts in the tinting film. While cutouts may not seem like a big deal, they can actually be quite problematic. Not only are cutouts unsightly, but cutouts can also result in gaps that can lead to premature tint failure. When deciding which auto tinting service to use, it is then critical that you ask prospective installers about their installation techniques, as you will want to avoid installers that use cutouts.

Uniform Tint Clarity

Ultimately, all you will have to do is look at your car’s tint job, and you should be able to tell whether or not the installers did a good job. If an auto tinting shop knows what they are doing, you should end up with a high-quality window tinting installation that turns heads on the road. Reputable auto tint installers know the right materials and techniques to use to ensure that the final result is a uniform tint that has great clarity and no abnormalities or defects. If a tinting installer did not know what they were doing, and/or they used low-quality materials, you will likely be able to tell almost immediately just by looking at your windows, as the final product will likely look cheap or haphazard.


Fortunately, there are steps that you can take to ensure that this does not happen. By taking the time to research auto tint installers in your area, and by asking prospective tinting shops questions about their installation techniques, what materials they use, and whether or not they provide a warranty on their work, you can ensure that you get a high-quality tint job.


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