5 Qualities to Look for in a Professional PPF Installer

Every car owner wants to keep their vehicle looking as great as it did the day they first drove it home. Nothing beats that new car smell or the glossy, pristine paint of a brand-new vehicle. However, the minute you get behind the wheel and take your new car for a cruise around town, it can immediately become susceptible to the hazards of the road.

Rocks, tree sap, bird droppings, and UV rays can all take a toll on your vehicle’s exterior, leaving it scuffed, scratched, and faded. To keep your car looking its best for years to come, you need to protect it from the outside elements. paint protection film (PPF) or clear bra, can do just that.

While it’s never a good idea to attempt a DIY PPF installation, finding a dependable, professional paint protection film installer can be tough. You need to know what qualities to look out for.

Luckily, the friendly technicians at Elite Protective Films have you covered. Here are five traits of a superior PPF installation company.


1. Extensive PPF Experience

Clear bra installation isn’t a skill you can learn overnight. It takes time, training, and extreme attention to detail to ensure the job is done right. Technicians that lack sufficient experience and training can make mistakes, leading to sloppy results. Who wants to drive around in a car with bubbles and stretch marks?

Be sure that your next PPF installer is a licensed company with a team of seasoned experts. The master paint protection technicians at Elite Protective Films have years of experience. In fact, we’ve treated over 35,000 vehicles throughout our combined 50 years of experience in the field of automotive protection.


2. Uses Quality PPF Brands

Many drivers might not know the difference between high-quality PPF brands and subpar products. But paint protection film installers sure do. While some companies might try to save a few bucks by using cheaper products, other installers, like Elite Protective Films, only use the best PPF products available on the market.

We’re proud to exclusively use XPEL paint protection film at our shop. XPEL is an industry leader and creates PPF products that offer unrivaled protection. Their PPF’s self-healing properties make scuffs and scratches things of the past.


3. Clean, Quality Atmosphere

Would you want to have your car worked on in a dark, dingy, and dirty shop? We wouldn’t either. 

When you’re on the hunt for a paint protection film installation company, you should avoid businesses with messy, disorganized shops. If they leave their shop in such disarray, who’s to say they wouldn’t do the same thing to your car?

Before booking a PPF installation appointment at any shop, take a look around. Make sure the space is clean, organized, and sanitized. A dirty environment can negatively impact the results of your paint protection film installation. Dirt and debris can make their way under the film, creating less-than-perfect results.

At Elite Protective Films, we take pride in our shop and keep it spick and span. Our PPF installation areas are completely free of dirt and dust, ensuring a flawless application.


4. Friendly, Approachable Staff

The way a business’s staff treats you can speak volumes. If you don’t feel comfortable or if employees are failing to answer your questions, you should always look elsewhere.

A quality PPF installation company always puts its customers first. At our shop, you’ll feel welcomed the moment you walk through the door. Our team always goes above and beyond to exceed your expectations and answer any questions you have about PPF.


5. Raving Reviews

Before going to any company, be sure to do your homework. Check out online reviews of past customers to get a feel for the business. If you see many bad reviews, don’t take your car to that installer.


Meet Your New PPF Installers

Are you looking for top-notch paint protection film installation solutions in the PNW area? If so, stop your search at Elite Protective Films. Since 2011, we’ve been providing our customers with superior results they love. We enhance the look of our customers’ vehicles that make them proud to show them off. 

Best of all, our XPEL PPF products promise unbeatable protection for up to 10 years.

To learn more, contact us today by calling (971) 888-8468. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

Kenley Wallis